SUNFEED-KCB (Roasted Guar Meal Korma)

Guar splits (endosperm) are commercially extracted from the guar (Cyamopsis tetragonolobus) seeds essentially by a mechanical process of roasting, differential attrition, sieving and polishing. The seeds are broken; germ and husk are obtained from the seeds. These are used as a nutritional animal feed as they are rich in protein. These are widely sold in international market as guar korma.

Native form of guar meal korma is having trypsin inhibitor activity which reduces its digestibility alongwith nutritive values. To overcome this problem, we are manufacturing SUNFEED-KCB, 100% natural & roasted guar meal korma without addition of chemicals or preservatives. SUNFEED-KCB is having reduced trypsin inhibitor activity with minimum 55% crude protein content and increased digestibility in comparison to native guar meal korma.

Shelf Life

One year from the date of manufacturing.

Recommended Storage Conditions

Store in a dry and cool place, away from heat and out of the sun. Once package is opened, consume within reasonable time.


In big bag or in desired packing.