08 Nov
  • By Mohit Hissaria
  • / News

Growing Demands for Guar Gum Due to its Versatile Properties. The guar market is expanding with every passing due to the growing demand from food, animal feed, pharmaceuticals, nutrition, paper, mining and oil drilling industries. Guar beans are a good source of cattle forage while the plantings are used as green manure. Gaur, being nutritious, is also used as a vegetable. Guar Gum is produced after DE husking, milling and screening guar seeds. Guar gum has some amazing properties. For instance, it binds with water through hydrogen bonding, suspends solids, forms strong tough films, controls the viscosity of aqueous solutions and thus, has versatile uses in different industries. With changing lifestyles, gluten intolerance is increasing in people. Guar gum is used as a gluten alternative in various food and bakery products. It is also used as a thickener, stabilizer and emulsifier in the manufacturing of many food products as well as for industrial applications and preparations. The Hydraulic fracturing oil and gas extraction industry is a major driver for the guar market and accounts for about 80-90% consumption of total production. Apart from this, guar gum also finds applications in the paper and textile industry.